Architecture & Building



We offer our customers a complete service in new construction projects on a bespoke basis. Compliance with budget and timelines is what we do and what we’re known for.

Walls are built using thermal bricks, according to the latest construction requirements. This keeps the house cool in summer and  warm in the winter. Thermal tiles can absorb and release humidity as necessary, giving a pleasant room climate at all times.

Furthermore, the ceilings and floors in our houses are insulated against moisture and heat loss, as the best results can only be achieved through this integrated approach. The windows we use are made from insulated glass and feature tilt/swivel fittings according to the German DIN standard.

State of the art technology is applied in all water and heating installations and we work with only the top brands such as Junkers, Roto, Vismann, Rothberg’s etc. Our electric installations utilise new technologies such as LED lighting, solar power and energy saving systems. We build houses for you to live in, assuring year round comfort and peace of mind.

The Process

• Plans

• Permits

• Wall / thermal bricks

• Electrical installations

• Water and waste water facilities

• Heating and air conditioning installations

• Windows with insulated glass and tilt/swivel fittings

• Pool construction including complete engineering

• Gardens and infrastructure

• All materials and designs applying state of the art technology